Cosmetic Dentistry

With today’s modern dental procedures, it’s easier than ever to get a great smile you will be proud to show off.


Porcelain veneers can completely transform your smile into the gorgeous, flawless look you’ve always wanted. With these thin, translucent, hand-crafted shells, we can correct chipped, broken, discolored or stained teeth, as well as gaps or spaces, to achieve a perfect smile.

Types of Veneers

Traditional Porcelain Veneers: This type of dental veneer will give you the ultimate esthetic result by replacing your own flawed enamel with beautifully sculpted, stain-resistant porcelain. A very small amount of enamel reduction is necessary to achieve the perfect fit. We use some of the world’s best dental ceramists to provide you with stunning results.
No or Minimal Prep Veneers: These porcelain veneers require little or no tooth structure removal. They don’t require any anesthesia (no injections) and are a good choice if you’d like the option to return to your original smile at some time in the future. You may have seen Lumineers or similar “No Shot, No Prep” veneers advertised on television. There are numerous dental labs that provide this service, but we’re proud to use one of the best in the world. This type of veneer won’t work for every patient, but rest assured that we’ll fully evaluate your smile to see if you’re a good candidate.

Cosmetic Bonding & Contouring

If you have chipped, broken teeth or gaps that you would like to be closed, then cosmetic bonding and contouring may be a good, conservative choice to restore your teeth.

Cosmetic bonding uses composite resin material, which is matched to your teeth and sculpted, chairside, by the dentist. Once the resin is shaped to the desired dimensions, a curing light causes the material to harden so that it may be trimmed and polished. This procedure is used to repair teeth or to improve a smile by closing spaces or enlarging undersized teeth.

Bonding is a more conservative, less costly option than veneers or crowns, because you can often add the material without having to reduce tooth structure. This procedure requires only one dental visit and anesthesia is not necessary if no tooth preparation or decay removal is needed. Additionally, cosmetic bonding can also be used to “test drive” changes in your smile before committing to a permanent solution, such as traditional veneers or porcelain crowns.

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