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Why Choose Us?
Why Choose Us?

We offer outstanding care at an affordable cost with a variety of patient amenities. Click Here to see how we’ll exceed your expectations.

Meet The Dentists
Meet the Dentists

It’s important that you trust the person who will take care of your dental needs. Click Here to learn more about the dentists.

Our Locations
Our Locations

A Convenient Location in Prairieville Click Here for a map with directions.

Services & Procedures

At Smart Dental Care we strive to exceed your expectations by offering the latest in dental treatment in a caring and friendly environment.  With patient amenities at every level and every dental service you could ask for under one roof, we will provide you with the best dental visit you’ve ever had.  From advanced cosmetic procedures to orthodontics to dental implants, almost all procedures are provided at our office, so you’re not shipped out to another office for specialty work.

Want a Whiter, Brighter Smile?

No matter what your desire or particular dental situation, we offer options that will leave you with a fantastic smile.  We offer every level of whitening available from custom whitening trays to Zoom! to the Kor tooth whitening system for those who have teeth that are especially resistant to traditional whitening.

If your teeth need a little more help than just whitening, we offer all cosmetic and restorative procedures available.  Anything that you need from cosmetic bonding to porcelain veneers to a complete smile makeover is available at our office.

Cosmetic Orthodontics and Invisalign in Prairieville, LA

If you’re looking to improve your smile dramatically, nothing else works quite the same as straightening your teeth and moving them to their ideal position.  Large gaps can be closed, bite issues can be corrected, and crooked or crowded teeth can be aligned perfectly.  We offer comprehensive orthodontics, cosmetic 6 month braces, and Invisalign.  For adults looking to straighten their teeth, the clear brackets used in 6 month braces and the clear aligners used with Invisalign are a fantastic way to get the great smile you’ve always wanted without the look of traditional metal brackets.

Looking to Replace Missing Teeth?

Whether you’re missing one or several teeth, we offer the most modern predictable way to replace missing teeth with dental implants.  They are the closest thing we have to giving you your own tooth back.  Dental implants are one of three ways to replace missing teeth.  For those that prefer other options, we also offer bridges and full or partial dentures.

Quit Hiding from the Dentist with Sedation Dentistry

Are you a little nervous about going to the dentist? Most people are.  Terrified?  It’s not unusual and is perfectly understandable.  Luckily for those who need a little help, we offer sedation dentistry.  If your desire is to sleep through your dental appointment and not remember anything, we can help.  When it comes to dental work, the sooner that problems are addressed the better.  Dental work is much simpler and less expensive when problems are caught early on.  No more excuses, pick up the phone and come in for the best dental visit that you won’t remember!

Call or Click to Schedule the Best Dental Appointment You’ve Ever Had

Smart Dental Care provides exceptional dental care in a caring, friendly environment.  Patient comfort and experience are of paramount importance to us.  If you’re looking for a place where you and your entire family can have all of their dental treatment taken care of at one office, we would love to meet you.  Call us at 225 677 9999 or click here to make and appointment.

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