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Why Choose Us?

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Tooth-Colored Fillings in Prairieville, LA

Have you ever seen someone that you know laugh or smile and noticed that they have unsightly, dark colored fillings in their teeth? Maybe you even have some of these types of fillings in your own mouth. While those metal fillings function perfectly fine, no one really wants something that unsightly in their mouth if given the choice.

At Smart Dental Care, we use composite resin tooth colored fillings that can be matched to the shade of your own teeth, often to the point of being imperceptible. Given the choice wouldn’t your rather that no one else even knew you had fillings?

What are the Advantages of Tooth Colored Fillings over Traditional Metal Fillings?

Besides being more esthetically pleasing, tooth colored resin fillings offer several advantages over traditional metal fillings. Resin fillings are bonded to your teeth, unlike metal fillings which rely on mechanical retention to stay in place, so there is less chance of leakage between the filling and your tooth.

Also, metal fillings need a certain thickness so that they have enough strength to withstand the abuse they take in the mouth. Resin fillings, because they bond to tooth structure, don’t need the additional room. This means that less tooth structure needs to be removed in order to place a filling.

White resin fillings also don’t cause temperature sensitivity like metal fillings can and have the same life expectancy as metal fillings. Some people are also concerned that metal fillings contain, among other things, mercury. Resin fillings contain no mercury. While there are no studies that directly support evidence that these fillings are harmful in any way, most people would rather not take a chance if there is no advantage to be had with metal fillings.

What is the Reason for Having a Filling Placed?

Fillings are placed in teeth that have decay caused by bacteria that eat away at tooth structure, eventually causing them to cavitate (hence the word cavity). Harmful, disease causing bacteria are not something that you’ll want in your mouth, as the longer they are there the more damage that they cause.

Cavities typically don’t stay the same size, but rather continue to grow in size. They can cause temperature and sweet sensitivity at first, and can cause toothaches and a dental abscess eventually if left untreated. You may also have tooth decay and not even realize it. This is because typically no sensitivity is evident until the cavity reaches the second layer of tooth structure, where it then spreads more rapidly.

In any event, the sooner the decay is removed and replaced with a filling, the better. There are also some cases other than having a cavity where having a filling done is necessary. These would include a slightly cracked tooth or teeth that have excessive wear.

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