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Why Choose Us?
Why Choose Us?

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Meet the Dentists

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Our Locations

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Teeth Whitening in Prairieville, LA

Who doesn’t want a whiter, brighter smile? For many people, over the counter whitening products simple won’t take care of their yellowed, stained, or otherwise discolored teeth, and they require the professional strength tooth whitening that only a dentist can provide. To that end, we offer two ways of whitening your teeth:

Zoom Advanced Power Light Assisted 1 Hour Whitening

Using a concentrated, light-activated gel with our specialized Zoom Advanced Power light, a whiter sparkling smile can be had in about an hour. In just one visit, stains from food, coffee, wine, and smoking melt away in the comfort of our office in a single visit. Talk about instant gratification!

We also fabricate custom take-home bleaching trays for our Zoom whitening patients, so you can follow up your in-office whitening and maintain your brightest and whitest smile.

Custom Take-Home Whitening Trays

For a more gradual, but equally effective way of whitening your teeth, custom made take-home bleaching trays are a great choice. You’ll get the same dramatic result as with the light assisted whitening, but in about two weeks.

You’ll wear the trays lined with powerful professional grade whitening gel for the prescribed time each day until you get the result that you desire.  Additional refills of whitening gel are available at our office in case you ever need a touch up.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Although primitive methods of tooth whitening could damage teeth, today’s modern techniques pose absolutely no risk of damage to your teeth’s enamel when administered by trained professionals.

Will Whitening my Teeth be Painful?

While you won’t have any pain while whitening your teeth, some people do experience root or gum sensitivity if the gel contact exposed root or is placed over the gum tissue.  This sensitivity is mild and temporary and can be easily treated with a desensitizing gel, which we provide.  Additionally, today’s professional strength products all contain anti-sensitivity ingredients to make tooth whitening more comfortable.

Will Professional Teeth Whitening Provide me with Permanent Results?

While you will achieve a dramatically whiter smile, the result will not be a permanent solution. Individual choices such as smoking, consumption of beverages that stain teeth, and adequacy of personal dental care all influence the length of time that you can expect your teeth to maintain their initial whitening result.

Regular dental cleanings also help to maintain your teeth’s cleanliness and appearance, and along with touch up whitening will give you the whitest smile possible.

Can I Whiten my Teeth if I’ve had Previous Dental Work on my Front Teeth?

Yes, you may whiten your teeth, but the previously place restorations will not lighten up as your teeth will. If the teeth are dramatically lightened then the adjacent crowns, veneers, or composite resin bonding may no longer match your new whiter teeth. The other restorations will not be damaged in any way by whitening your teeth.

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