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Why Choose Us?
Why Choose Us?

We offer outstanding care at an affordable cost with a variety of patient amenities. Click Here to see how we’ll exceed your expectations.

Meet The Dentists
Meet the Dentists

It’s important that you trust the person who will take care of your dental needs. Click Here to learn more about the dentists.

Our Locations
Our Locations

A Convenient Location in Prairieville Click Here for a map with directions.

Comprehensive Braces in Prairieville, LA

Whatever your age, we can help to give you a beautiful healthy smile by properly aligning your teeth and bite with comprehensive orthodontic treatment. The physical and psychological benefits you’ll enjoy from successful orthodontic treatment can last a lifetime. We treat patients via a conservative orthodontic philosophy, using modern orthodontic technology, to provide you with a great looking smile.

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

Successful orthodontic treatment not only changes your look, it can also change the way you look at the world. People with attractive smiles simply smile more and are more likely to become more socially active due to an increase in self-esteem that often comes with a beautiful smile.

In addition to giving you a smile you’ll be proud of, straighter teeth also provide for better oral hygiene, meaning a lower chance for gum disease and tooth decay. An added benefit of the bracket system that we use is that many of our patients with TMJ problems have their symptoms dramatically reduced after we “decompress” the joint space.

Clear or Traditional Brackets Available

Because many of our patients, both children and adults, don’t like the look of the traditional metal braces, we offer porcelain brackets that are much more esthetically pleasing. These braces won’t stain or discolor and are just as effective for tooth movement as traditional metal brackets.

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