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Why Choose Us?

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Six Month Braces in Prairieville, LA

Are you unhappy with your smile? Have you had braces before when you were younger, but didn’t wear your retainer? Are you an adult who would like straight teeth, but who doesn’t want to wear metal brackets and sit next to a bunch of teenagers in an orthodontic office?

If you’re interested in getting a great smile using clear porcelain braces, then we can help you.  The best part is they look better, cost less, and will give you a great smile faster than traditional braces.

Six month braces uses clear braces, which are virtually invisible, along with light forces to give you a great smile in six months, in most cases. This service is more predictable than Invisalign, costs less, and requires no effort on your part.

Light wires are used (tooth colored ones are available) to quickly correct spaces, crowding, and crooked teeth. The end result is a great looking smile. Take a look at our before and after pictures below to see the dramatic cosmetic improvement that can be accomplished in six months.

Some frequently asked questions regarding six month braces are:

How can you Straighten Teeth in Just Six Months?

The answer is that teeth move better when light forces are used. Since we’re using light forces and are not looking to dramatically change your bite, great cosmetic results are possible in a short period of time.

Short term adult orthodontics should be thought of as a more conservative alternative to porcelain veneers. As a side note, if you are a more complex orthodontic case and require significant changes to your bite, rest assured that we perform comprehensive orthodontics for children and adults here in our Prairieville/Baton Rouge office with metal or porcelain brackets.

Will my Teeth be Damaged Since the Braces Move the Teeth so Fast? Will it Hurt?

As mentioned above, we use only light forces to move teeth and so there is next to no chance that your teeth will be damaged in any way. Only some slight discomfort will be present because we are using light wires in these fast braces.

How do Six Month Braces Compare to the Invisible Plastic Trays that I’ve Seen on TV?

Although maybe slightly more visible than the plastic trays, six month braces are very cosmetic. The porcelain brackets allow for a shorter treatment time because of the greater control of the teeth, which means we can get the teeth where we want them faster. As an added bonus, the cost is significantly less using the six month smiles technique.

Who can be Treated Using Six Month Braces?

Adults or those teenagers who have finished growing (usually 16+ year old girls and 18+ year old guys). This is a great service for anyone who would like straight teeth fast, such as brides or grooms before it’s time for those wedding pictures. Also, wouldn’t it be great to know that you could have a great smile by the time you came in for your next six month check up and cleaning?

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