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Why Choose Us?
Why Choose Us?

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Meet The Dentists
Meet the Dentists

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Our Locations
Our Locations

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What is a root canal and does it hurt?

This one procedure has spawned more urban legends than any other dental procedure. The real story is that you’ll be numb for this treatment, and so won’t feel a thing, just like every other dental procedure. If you have swelling, then we’ll most likely have you take an antibiotic for one to two weeks before treatment so you’ll be more comfortable.

With root canal therapy, we remove the nerve tissue that resides within the narrow canal of each root. We do not remove any of the roots of the tooth, only the infected nerve tissue. This results in a hollow tube in each root that, after being disinfected, is filled in with a sterile material.

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Patient Testimonial:Thanks from Fanny M.

“I have been to many a dentist in Baton Rouge, and I’ve never met one as pleasant as Dr. Moore. His chair-side manner is out of sight! He is a … Read More

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