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Why Choose Us?
Why Choose Us?

We offer outstanding care at an affordable cost with a variety of patient amenities. Click Here to see how we’ll exceed your expectations.

Meet The Dentists
Meet the Dentists

It’s important that you trust the person who will take care of your dental needs. Click Here to learn more about the dentists.

Our Locations
Our Locations

A Convenient Location in Prairieville Click Here for a map with directions.

Sedation Dentistry in Prairieville, LA

We have several options available to make it easier for patients who are fearful of dental treatments receive the treatment that they really need. It’s no surprise that the dentist’s office is not most people’s favorite place to visit. We do everything that we can to help make your visits with us as enjoyable and non-stressful as possible.

To that end we offer the following:

  • Sedation Dentistry/Sleep Dentistry – By using today’s modern sedation methods it is possible to have most patients sleep through their entire appointment. You may not sleep the entire time (most patients do), but you most definitely will not care that you are being treated and you won’t remember the treatment. For oral sedationyou’ll need to have an escort to drive you to and from your appointment.
  • Nitrous Oxide – Commonly known as laughing gas, this gas is inhaled and helps you to relax during treatment. It can be used in conjunction with the oral sedation method or by itself. The advantage to only having nitrous oxide is that you may drive yourself to and from your appointment. Unlike sedation/sleep dentistry, you most likely won’t sleep through your appointment.
  • TLC – We’ll treat you as well as you’ve ever been treated at any dental office. We genuinely care for our patients and sincerely empathize with anyone who has ever had a really bad experience in another dental office. We won’t treat you roughly, and we won’t ever continue working on you until you are completely numbed and comfortable during any dental procedure. We pride ourselves in being a caring, gentle dental practice.
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